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Background Ideas Competition för Stationsområde

During 2016, Södra Munksjön Utvecklings AB and Jönköping Municipal Authority, in association with the Swedish Association of Architects and Swedish Transport Administration, arranged an ideas competition for the design of a new station area at Södra Munksjön.


A decision has been made nationally to examine the most suitable routes – and thus also the most suitable station locations – for high-speed rail links between Stockholm and Gothenburg and between Jönköping and Malmö. A decision regarding routes and station area locations is expected to be reached following negotiations (Sweden negotiations), which are scheduled to take place during 2016.

In November 2012, Jönköping Municipal Authority adopted a framework programme for the Södra Munksjön area. The programme has been based on studies conducted by the Swedish Rail Administration, working in collaboration with Jönköping Municipal Authority, prior to a preliminary study of the Linköping-Borås section of Götalandsbanan underlagsrapport 5:5, see annexes in competition programme).

In order to proceed with the design of the Södra Munksjön area as a whole, further studies are required to determine how the station area will be designed and integrated.


The aim of the ideas competition was to visualise ideas, feasible content and a potential design of a new station area south of the lake, Munksjön. At the same time, the intention was to demonstrate how the station area can be incorporated into the planned expansion of the Södra Munksjön area as a whole.

Ideas Competition

The competition was an ideas competition and the results of the competition is used in the ongoing process of creating an understanding of what a future station area could look like and the functions it could incorporate.

Competition remit

In summary, the remit included submitting proposals for the design of the station building and surrounding area, submitting proposals for service provision, retail facilities and cultural elements, submitting proposals for solutions related to logistics and also presenting ideas for the design of the station facility with associated bridge construction, including the location of railway tracks and platforms.

The competition process

The competition process started when the invitation of prequalification was sent out. The invitation encouraged teams to send their notification of interest in order to participate in the competition.

After this, a selection process started where every received notification of interest was evaluated. From this evaluation, four teams were selected to participate in the competition. The competition officially started when the competition programme was sent out and start-up meetings were held with each competing team.

Short before the priceceremony and the winner-announcement, the competition proposals from the four teams was publically exhibited in the centre of Jönköping.

During the whole competition process, the four teams were competely anonymous. The teams' identities were revealed for the first time at the price-ceremony.

Result of the ideas competition

The winner was announced September 16, 2016. Read more about the winner, the other proposers and the competition proposals.

Södra Munksjön logotyp, länk till startsidan.

Södra Munksjön Utvecklings AB är ett helägt kommunalt bolag vars syfte är att leda och driva fram stadsomvandlingen i Södra Munksjöområdet. Bolaget har ett samlat ansvar för frågorna inom området och ska genom samarbete och goda kontakter förverkliga det, av Jönköpings kommunfullmäktige, fastslagna ramprogrammet.

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